A Exciting Start To The Week!

Last week I entered Maxwell into a competition. I put a lot of effort into my entry and didn't even expect to get anything out of it, however I really enjoyed putting the effort in, and it made mine and Maxwell's day eventful.
On Friday they said they would email or ring the winner to let them know that they had won. No call. No Email. No win I thought to myself. 
Yesterday my phone started ringing, withheld number... I don't normally answer withheld but something made me. At the end of the phone was Silver Cross telling me I had won the competition and had gone and won the new Pop pushchair worth £130! I fell silent and couldn't believe my luck!
The person at the end of the phone said how they loved my entry and could tell I had put a lot of hard work in - I was asked what colour Pop I would like and I chose the blue one as I think the other 3 designs are quite girly. I was told to expect a parcel today!
I was also expecting Maxwell's trike to come today! My bargain trike that cost £23! My excitement was growing, I was jumping from wall to wall.
Last night I was unable to sleep as I was so excited, also excited to see Maxwell's little face light up!
Today arrived... I was waiting, waiting. Bang, car door, next door neighbour, this went on until 12... Knock at the door! The pushchair had arrived!!!!!!!
I  hurried up the stairs with it, I ripped open the box in excitement! Maxwell was squealing in delight, shuffling around on the floor, wrapping himself in the protective paper and whacking the box!
I couldn't believe my luck! I pieced it together, took me around 30 mins, and was left with only what I can describe as a well built, good quality pushchair! I finished by looking in the box only to find that they had given me a 2 year guarantee with it as well!

After the first excitement a knock at the door at 4! Trike had arrived! Maxwell looked on in delight as I pieced the trike together! 2 hours it took me! Companies really need to sort there instructions out - no words just a picture the size of  the UK on a world map.
Once complete I quickly put Maxwell in it and walked him round the front room! He was in love with the trike! I can not get over what a bargain we had! I would have easily parted more money to buy it!
So now we are left with 2 great products that basically we should have paid £190 for but paid £23!
I can't wait until the weather is a little better so we can take Maxwell out in his trike, for now he shall have to roam around in his new pushchair! We just need to get rid of his others.

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