A Very Busy Weekend!

 I have a box that i have started to put things in for Maxwell for Christmas and his Birthday, seeing as his birthday is on the 12th of December then Christmas is 25th not to also mention my birthday being on the 13th of December! Its going to be a very busy and expensive month!

This weekend i have been very lucky! Earlier last week i won a Facebook competition, winning a Soft Toy monkey -  one present sorted!
I also managed to win another competition on twitter this weekend - i won a set of bath ducks! Maxwell loves his baths and especially loves his fish (Rubber Toys of course) so this will also make another great present for him - In the box it goes!

Today we went into Southampton and came home with a further few presents!
We are very lucky to have a supermarkets home store in Southampton, whilst browsing we managed to find Maxwell a Toy Story Rex - Plate, bowl and Cup! It was £4.89 reduced to 89p - Another nice stocking filler at a bargain price!
We also went into a entertainment shop who are offering £5 off if you have 02 priorities moments. We managed to pick 2 DVDs up that were on offer already at 2 for £10 but with another £5 off we got them for £5 - bargain when they actually came to £16 for the two! I'm sure he will enjoy them!

 I have also been very lucky with wins this weekend - A total of 5! - All small wins but useful.
I won -
  • A pair of pants from a well know underwear retailer!
  • A internet security package - (Will come in useful as mine is soon running out)
  • A Family ticket for a Day Out
  • A Set Of Bath Ducks (Max's Stocking Filler)
  • A set of detergent balls - I'm excited about trying these as they are Eco friendly!
I also have had quite a lot of luck on the couponing front - getting around £5 worth of coupons for shopping and a £5 voucher after i made a complaint to a baby company about a product that i brought off them!
I also had a sample of perfume sent to me - i love the little samples of these they come very handy in your purse when going out! I also had a sample of a cake mixture although it didn't come with instructions :(.

Maxwell also has been very lucky this weekend as he saw his Auntie Rachel and Uncle Rob who brought him a great musical gift! It is very loud and has lots of flashing lights but Max is in love with it! He got up especially early this morning to play with it!

Also his Great Nan gave him £20 which Max put in his money pot to save for a rainy day!

Overall we have had a excellent weekend - especially as Ben has finally had 2 days off after working 12 days straight!

Me and Maxwell hope you all are well! Please keep supporting and sharing our page! <3

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