Shop Till We Drop

This week we have done extremely well on capturing bargains, we had some left over money so we decided that we all would get a treat!

We decided we would go for a meal to Pizza Hut this week.
Before we set off we found out that on 02 priority moments you are able to get a pizza (11") and unlimited salad for £1. When getting there we ordered our 2 Meat Feast pizzas, ate unlimited salad and bought one drink between us - unlimited refill.
The pizzas were worth £9.25 each!!
Our meal came to 4.60, however I had £3 left on my gift card which I received as a present for Christmas - so we paid £1.60.
This visit we should have spent £18.50! 

We had a good time and the food was lovely. The service however was not very good and the waiting time for our food was ages.

This week I've saved huge amounts of money by purchasing items in the sale.
My bargains this week were:

A pair of jeans in New Look - £22.99 reduced to £6.50
A pair of jeans in New Look - £20 reduced to £10
A top in New Look - £7.99 reduced to £2.50
A top in New Look -£7.99 reduced to £3.00
A top in H&M -£7.99 reduced to £3.00
A top in H&M -£7.99 reduced to £2.50
I also purchased a designer handbag - £80 reduced to £20!
The price of all this should have been £154.95, however I managed to pick this little load up for £47.50
That is a huge saving of £107.45!
Ben also managed to pick up a designer jacket - £100 reduced to £25. Saving £75

Maxwell has also been very spoilt this week, he has been bought  -
A whole outfit from a baby website - £30 reduced to £8.50
A pair of jeans also from the website £12 reduced to £4.50
Also with this we managed to pick him up a free toy as it was our first purchase with them worth £10.
We have been looking for ages to buy him a trike although the one we wanted was £100, so this week I have spent some time looking around for one!
FINALLY, we have found him one!
The trike was worth £60 however it was in the half price sale. I then looked and found some extra codes to get some money off - altogether we have purchased him the trike for £23 and also have received free next day delivery - worth £7.50!

So overall Maxwell's stuff should have cost £119.50 however we have purchased him all this for a cool £36.10!
Saving £83.40!

Altogether all our shopping and meal out should have cost : £392.95
We payed £110.20!

We have had a very good week and I can't wait to see what next week will bring us!

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