Review - MAM Toothbrush - 6 Months+

Taking care of my Maxwell's teeth is something that I hadn’t really though about until Mam sent me their first brush in spring green.

The first brush is for independent cleaning.
Its' features are-
• A short and compact handle - perfect for imitating adult tooth brushing
• Children learn independent tooth brushing correctly from the start
• Round head adapts perfectly to baby’s mouth
• Soft, rounded bristles clean first teeth and remove plaque and bacteria

MAM always use bright colours which appeal to children, when Maxwell saw the toothbrush in my hand he took it off me instantly and put it in his mouth.
Although he needed help brushing, he welcomed it into his mouth and let me help him brush away.
The brush features a round head with soft bristles, this was comfortable for Maxwell on his gums and caused him no discomfort. It fitted in his mouth brilliantly.
I wasn't fighting for control when I helped him brush, it was very easy to help move round his mouth due to its shape!
The tooth brush also features a non slip handle, I think this would come in handy if Maxwell was brushing his teeth in the bath and he got the brush wet.
He was able to grip the toothbrush extremely well as it is shaped well for his fingers to fit round.
The short handle was good as Maxwell could easily put it in his mouth, although I had my hand over his hand to help him brush

At the end of the toothbrush it features a extremely handy massager! Maxwell welcomed this as his teeth are causing him a lot of pain as they come through. He loved this and was using the massager for well over 30 mins. He could hold the toothbrush by itself and could easily use this feature on its own. This feature also is designed to clean his tongue which Maxwell also could do when moving it around his mouth.

Overall I thought the toothbrush was great, this was the first time Maxwell used a toothbrush and he had no problem with using it.
The only thing I would recommend to MAM is perhaps the toothbrush could come with a guard, thiswould cover the bristles and maybe the massager as you are not able to boil, steam, or sterilise the brush.
Saying that I would definitely recommend this product to parents that want to teach their child to brush their teeth alone and also recommend it to parents if their children are teething as the massage feature is great on babies gums by itself!
I rate this product 4/5.

 You can buy the first brush in green, pink and blue.
To find out more about these products and how to take care of your baby’s oral needs visit!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion

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