A Huge Warm Welcome!!

My name is Helen, i am 20, I live in sunny Southampton with my partner Ben, and my son Maxwell who has just turned 6 months old! I'm also very lucky too have a very supportive Mum and Dad and an amazing sister that live round the corner from me!

I studied at college doing Public services - managed to pass my 2nd year, whilst working at Build A Bear and Mcdonalds -but then i fell pregnant with my beautiful son!
He was born on my due date - a day before my 20th birthday after 32 hours of labour with no pain relief (except calpol) weighing a healthy 8oz10!
He was not planned, but no way, was a mistake!
People look at me, make comments and see me as a young mum the usual stereo typical thing comes into peoples heads - she got pregnant for a house and to live of benefits and no way can she support her son!
However people could not be any more wrong about my situation!  I hope whilst following me on this blog i can change peoples views of this!

In our house, Me and Max get up to lots of things during the day!
Max's main hobbies are -
Going out for outings - Recently we visited the zoo and he had a fab time looking at all the animals, he also loves spending time at the local beaches and going on shopping trips!
Eating! - He eats for England! Hes a massive fan of food and his favourite meal is curry!
Playing with toys! - He loves playing with toys that makes a lot of noise he also appreciates things that are shiny so he can see himself in them!
Hes a TV addict! - Sometimes i think he would love a TV built into his cot! He could entertain himself throwout the day, except maybe i could get a little bell for him to ring, when he needs me to bring him food and change his nappy!
He loves to shop - He accompanies me on many shopping trips and gives me his advice!
Max himself keeps up to date with the latest trends and will never be seen in the same outfit.. i sometimes think he gets all his food all over the place so he can wear different clothes that day
He loves bouncing! - Since he was tiny hes always had his baby bouncer - however unfortunately he has grown to big for it and every time he sits in it it collapses to his amusement!
Socialising with his baby friends! - He often visits the local children's centre to attend classes such as baby massage and baby sign language! He loves to socialise!
Seeing his Nanny and Grampy and Auntie and Uncle Rob! - He loves the attention not to mention being spoilt by them all!

If i am not busy- I enjoy using the latest gadgets that are on the market! Me and my partner also enjoy going out for meals, going to the cinema & watching films, playing games against each other on games consoles and our phones and spending our time with Maxwell!

My main hobby is comping! I haven't been doing it long, but it has taken a part of my life over! Its a thrill everyday to see what the postman delivers! I love winning things that will benefit Max! And little bits and pieces for myself and my family!
My second hobby is couponing! I wish i could extreme coupon over here like they do in the USA, however i guess it will never take off! I love doing my weeks shop and saving money (Normally around a saving of £10 a week).

The main reason i am starting this blog is so i am able to look back on Max growing up but also sharing my life with people, reviewing products that are on the market, giving my thoughts and opinions on things and i may even run the odd competition!  


  1. Hi Helen, Im a comping couponer 2 (ooh it would be great if it was like in USA with double up days & being able 2 use against other products) LOL Max is simply gorgeous - you must be very proud! My "baby" is nearly 18 years old - time has flown by - so this blog will be a fab diary 4 u both - best wishes and be lucky hun xx

  2. Hi Helen

    Nice to meet you and your lovely son,

    I too am a new blogger and now following your blog and following you on twitter

    twitter @nikkijayne985
    blog http://www.nikkijayne985.blogspot.co.uk


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