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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Aldi Special Buys - Fathers Day Special

Aldi Special Buys - Fathers Day
As many of my readers know, I love a bargain. Fathers day is not an exception. This year I have managed to pick up many bargains for my Dad as well as Ben. A few weeks ago I was thrilled when Aldi got in contact asking us if we would like to review some of their special Fathers Day gifts. Being a keen fan of Aldi I jumped at the chance. I picked 2 items which I knew Ben would love for Fathers Day.

Aldi Leather Washbag

As a family, we go away often and it can be frustrating when you do not have anything to add your toiletries into meaning they merge with your clean clothing. This is a problem Ben has every time we go away. Instead of taking a washbag he is left taking a plastic bag which in no way protects his clothing from exploding bottles, opened bottles or spillages whilst in transit to our holiday destination.

Priced at just £12.99 I feel the Aldi washbag is affordable for those Dad's who like to travel. The Aldi washbag is medium in size and would fit a large amount of toiletries into it. The washbag is plain looking, with no logos featured however it is a good looking bag. The washbag is crafted from hard-wearing cowhide leather and features a carry handle. The washbag itself has 2 handy inner compartments meaning there is plenty of storage for any little bits your Dad likes to take away with him.

I am really impressed with the washbag. I feel the bag is a great buy and would make a lovely treat for any Dad this Fathers Day. Why not impress your Dad by filling the washbag with lots of his favourite toiletries?

You are able to purchase the Aldi Leather washbag over on the Aldi website or in selected Aldi stores. You are able to view the link here. At the present moment Aldi also offer free UK standard delivery on selected best buy products.

Aldi Special Buys - Fathers Day

Aldi 5 in 1 Classic Game Set

As a family, we often enjoy sitting down and playing games. On all occasions we like to sit down and play games whether that be with Max or without. This Fathers Day I was sent a 5 in 1 classic game set from Aldi.

The 5 in 1 classic game set would make a lovely gift. Inside the box you are able to find a set of 5 classic wooden games in 1, complete with the pieces for Chess, Draughts, Checkers, Backgammon, Pick-Up Sticks and Dominoes.

Priced at just £6.99 I find that the set is very affordable. It is a good size meaning that you are able to use it at home but it is also the ideal size to take away with you if you were visiting family, friends or going away on holiday and were looking for something to take with you.

I feel that the 5 in 1 game set is made very well. It is a good quality product and priced at just £6.99 I think it makes a very affordable gift. This gift would be perfect for any fun loving Dad that enjoys games.

You are able to purchase the Aldi 5 in 1 classic game set over on the Aldi website. You are also able to pick it up in selected Aldi stores. You are able to purchase it online using the link here. At the present moment Aldi are also offering free UK standard delivery on selected best buy products.

Aldi Special Buys - Fathers Day

Aldi have a fantastic range of products to offer any Dad this Fathers Day. With prices starting at just 79p, from cards, to games, to toiletries and electronics I feel there is something suitable for every Dad in an Aldi near you. Why not pick up that beautiful gift your Dad deserves this year whilst not breaking the budget? 

Do you shop at Aldi? Have you been to Aldi recently and seen any of their special buys?

*We received the above products mentioned for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are of my own.


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