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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A Family Meal At Harvester – A Review

As a family, we love each others company. We love making memories, capturing moments and spending time together. Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to Harvester - Windhover Manor in Southampton for a family meal. We were invited as part of their new initiative to get families around the table at meal times and spend more time together.

On a busy Saturday in the half term holidays, we adventured to Harvester. We had a table booked for 4.30 and we were very excited to see what Harvester had in store for us. I was wary of how busy it may be due to it being the school holidays but I needn't have worried as we had a wonderful experience.

Harvester - Windhover Manor is around a 20 minute drive from us in the New Forest. It is in a fantastic location, just off the motorway. The venue was easy to find and when we arrived, we found there was plenty of parking in the car park. The premises looked warm, friendly and clean and after venturing inside, we found that the inside was just as nice as the outside.

We arrived early however this was not a problem. We were happy to wait for our table sitting however after a short wait, we were taken to our table and we were seated. We were seated next to a window where we were able to see the cars come in and out of the venue - much to Maxwell's entertainment. We were given our menus and Maxwell was given his menu and crayons and we were left to sit and ponder over the menu.

The menu was packed with different meal ideas, I felt like the Harvester menu had something for everyone. From light bite meals to large main meals, from sides to sauces you were able to take your pick. After a short while and a lot of deciding, we placed our food and drink order and we proceeded to the unlimited salad bar.

The unlimited salad bar was well stocked, there was lots of different salad options for everyone. I noted that there were plenty of bowls for customers coming up to get their salad and the salad looked fresh and it did not look dry. There were fresh rolls located near the sauces for the salad and the sauces were well stocked. There was a little mess around the sauces which I noted but this did not make a difference to our experience.

Once we had all eaten our salad, our table was cleared and our main meals came out. We were in for a real treat. The portion sizes were large, the food was hot, fresh and well presented and the customer service was brilliant. Andrew who served us made sure we had all the sauces we needed to go with our meals and he ensured that the food was up to the standard we wanted it to be.

Maxwell decided to have chicken bites with peas and chips. He also opted to have a little roll from the salad bar with it. I decided to have the chicken skewers, Grandad decided to have the triple chicken and Ben decided to opt for an original combo. All the meals had a side as well as a sauce.

We all tucked into our meals and not one of us had a complaint. Although I found my own meal to be quite large and I found it difficult to finish, the boys all ate their dinners and complimented their meals. The meals were filling and I found that Harvester were very generous with the meat that they put on out plates.

Once we had finished, our table was cleared and we were offered desserts however we opted out of desserts however I did take a sneak peak at the dessert menu and I was impressed with what I saw. There were cake desserts, ice cream desserts and desserts that would tickle any child's taste bud.

Our meal cost the same as a average family meal which I thought was fantastic due to the service and the food which we received. With my meal and unlimited refill drink costing around £10, Harvester offers a large menu that would suit many people's budget.

Overall we had a fantastic time at Harvester. It is a great venue to take the family as Harvester caters for all ages. Their menu has something for everyone and the service was speedy, friendly and fantastic. We are looking forward to returning as a family in the future and would love to thank Harvester for the brilliant meal we had at Windhover Manor.

*We were given a complementary meal at Harvester for the purpose of this review. All thoughts & opinions are my own.


  1. This is a great review, Harvester is a fab family restaurant x

  2. I love the Harvester for affordable but good quality meals. We won't go in the one nearest to us after a few bad experiences but all other Harvesters near us are fantastic. Great review :)

  3. This sounds wonderful! The food looked amazing! I have a younger god brother whom I look after quite regularly, and I like to take him and my mum out for tea! We frequent chains but I never thought of HArvester. I'll take them both there next time!!

  4. I am so all over foodie! I am always hungry, when I am hungry I am mad.. if my meal is delayed, the staff is in troubles hahah im no thta bad- only joking :)

    1. You won't be hungry after eating at Harvester ha ha.

  5. I've never actually tried a Harvester before as we don't have any near us but next time I come across one we'll have to give it a go. Great review! Seems like a very friendly restaurant which is always good! x

    1. Harvester is well worth a visit and very family orientated.

  6. havent been to a harvester for so long, this looks delicious, will think about taking the family!

  7. I really like Harvester! I must take me niece and nephew with me :)

  8. We used to visit Harvester once a week (we worked long hours driving) during the early bird menu & loved it. The food was well cooked & we loved the salad bar.


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