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Thursday, 9 October 2014

5 for under £5

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be a great idea to bring you a Christmas related post - 5 for under £5. These items take a while to be sent (around 30 days) so I thought this post would be perfect to post now so you can grab a few bargains before Christmas.

I have bought some of these for Maxwell, I think they will be perfect for story time at Christmas. I am looking forward to using these and making them go on fun adventures. 

I thought these decorations were really cute and would brighten up the Christmas tree. I think they are a steal for 99p and I have purchased a few packs. I am unsure if they will make a appearance on our main Christmas tree but they will be on one of our Christmas trees around the house.

I love to get in the Christmas mood and I thought this cool Antler head decoration would be fun to perhaps wear around the dinner table. I have ordered enough for all of our family to wear, antlers will replace paper hats this year!

Maxwell loves to go to bed with a night light and he also loves to have a little light on in the day so I thought this LED light would be perfect to sit on his window ledge this Christmas season. I think it will brighten up his room up a little. 

Maxwell loves to draw so I thought these crayons/pencils would be perfect to add to his Xmas Eve box. We love to do Christmas crafts on Xmas Eve and  I think these will get us into the Xmas craft spirit. 



  1. Some great stocking ideas here for kids and at bargain prices too.

  2. So excited... Christmas is coming!! I love the pencils, may get those for Paige's stocking which I still do for my two despite their age haha. They said they would rather have the stockings than the presents!

  3. OK, so I may have just bought the LED colour changing Santa! Squee, it's so exciting. I love christmas!

  4. I love the Snowman pencils! So cute!

  5. Another nice little collection of bargains. The reindeer antlers are making me feel a bit nostalgic; last year my little boy was only a few months old at Christmas and we used to put them on to stop him from crying during his nappy change! Haha. It's gone so quickly! xx

  6. I'm a sucker for colour changing lights - love it

  7. Some great stocking fillers here... TY

  8. thanks for the great ideas!


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