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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Turn Back Thursday

When I was smaller, I had a Fisher Price classic phone and adored it. I used to love playing with the fun dial on the top and I use to enjoy the phones eyes going up and down. When Maxwell was about 1, we also got him a Fisher price phone. He also loves it and enjoys playing with it on a regular basis.

When I was younger I adored playing with my slinky. I used to make it go down the stairs and it bought a lot of fun to my life. I occasionally needed new ones as I liked to stretch the slinky however  I remember it's bright colours and its uniqueness. I love the fact that you can still purchase them now, when Maxwell is a little older I will look into getting him one. 

The Little Tikes car is something that most people will know and love. It was a huge childhood favourite of mine and I love the fact that you are still able to purchase them now in lots of fun colours and designs. They provide hours of entertainment and it is great to see that you can now purchase accessories for them like a petrol pump. 

Classic Playdough Pots
Most children adore playing with Playdough. I know I did as a child but Maxwell also loves to play with it. Playdough has not really changed since I played with it as a child but there are far more accessories now to use to create fun shapes, animals and other imaginative things. 

Classic Kaleidoscope
I loved having a Kaleidoscope when I was smaller. I used to love looking through them and I enjoyed watching all the beautiful colours form and the shapes fall. Maxwell does not have a Kaleidoscope but I am keen to purchase him one.



  1. Oh I loved slinkys! I must have gone through a million in my childhood though as they would always get tangled! They just don't make toys like they used to

  2. I was past these by the 90s more like the late 70s for me! I think everything above was about in the 70s except for the Little Tikes Car.

  3. I love those phones, I bought one for Baby a few months ago x

  4. I loved slinkys!! My Nain still has the fisher price phone!! :)

  5. Still love slinkys, a popular tool in my speech therapy kit. Kaleidoscopes, ah such memories. I love nostalgic toys.

  6. These are definitely classic toys :) But I think kids still love them all today. Maybe the packing is a bit different.

  7. Oh the Little Tykes car! We finally said goodbye to ours last weekend. It arrived as a 3rd birthday present for the eldest and brought happiness to the next two. End of an era.

  8. ha! we have all of those things in my house {apart from the car, but we used to till they got too big!}

  9. What a great list of old toys! I remember the phone too

  10. I remember all of these. There was also those red ViewMasters you could buy - I used to love mine.


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