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Saturday, 7 June 2014

A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has a new friend
  2. Maxwell is off to view preschool this week
  3. Maxwell adored meeting new friends
  4. Maxwell had a wonderful time on holiday
  5. Maxwell travelled well on the way to Wales
Around a month ago Maxwell found a Mr Bean teddy bear of Ben's. Ben had it as a gift a few Christmas's ago and it had just been left in a box. As soon as Max saw Mr Bean teddy bear, he fell in love with it and now has to take it everywhere. Teddy has been on car trips, in the garden, taken to bed and has even managed to ride on top of Maxwell's toy cars. Maxwell adores him and is now rarely seen without him. 

On Monday Maxwell, Ben and I will be off to visit a potential Preschool for Maxwell. If all goes well, Maxwell could be starting in the next few weeks. Maxwell will be going one morning a week to start off with but if all goes well in September he may go up to 2 mornings a week. I am really excited for Maxwell however I am also nervous at the same time. 

Whilst on holiday Maxwell got to meet Jack and Amelia. Jack and Amelia are Kerry and Bex's children - Kerry and Bex blog at: Oh So Amelia and Futures. Maxwell adored meeting them and has made a great friendship with Jack. It was lovely to see Maxwell interact with other children his age and behave well around them. It was great to see him laughing and smiling. 

Maxwell had a wonderful time on holiday and managed to get up to a whole load of activities. We went to Folly Farm and saw lots of animals including penguins and giraffes, Maxwell got to play in the ballpit and got to play with lots of Lego. We went out for meals and also went for fun walks. Overall we had a lovely time and so did Maxwell. Look out for a blog post about our full trip.

I recently wrote a blog post about what I was taking in Maxwell's travel bag to keep him entertained whilst we went on holiday. The travel bag was a great success and the 4 hour drive to Wales went well. Maxwell sat well behaved in the car and did not make a fuss, either there or back. Maxwell managed to sleep for a hour on both journeys, we stopped once each time to get food and do nappy changes and Maxwell spent time playing on his Innotab, colouring and eating snacks.



  1. Aw sounds like little Maxwell has been busy lol! Great to hear the travel bag was a success! Starting preschool always seems like such a big milestone doesn't it and they learn and grow up so quick when they start!


  2. Sounds like Max has had a great week. i hope preschool goes well

  3. I hope you all like pre-school. A great week for Max, learning lots and having fun x

  4. Glad the journey went well! It is always worrying travelling with little ones but glad the travel bag was a success!

  5. It sounds like you had a great time on holiday. Hope Max (and you) will be ok when he starts preschool.

  6. Wow what a busy week it has been for Maxwell and you! I really like the blue shades too!

  7. Wow Preschool! They grow up so fast!!

  8. Glad you had a great holiday - we loved Bluestone.
    Bog of tricks for a long journey works every time!

  9. Each one of those is a huge achievement for your little one. Well done Maxwell!

  10. im pleased you had a fab holiday not been to bluestone before , my little one starts full time in september although he loves school am not sure how he will enjoy knowing i wont be there t pick im up by dinner x

  11. hope pre-school went well! We are at Bluestone this week! x

  12. Aww I'm glad the travelling went well and that you had a great time :)

  13. Wow time is going fast. Pleased Maxwell had a great holiday it makes things easier doesn't it ? x

  14. It's great when a long journey goes well isn't it. I recently had a 3 hour road trip on a coach with Aaron and his good behaviour both surprised and thrilled me. I could tell the fellow passengers (it was packed) were relieved not to have a tantrumming toddler. It was a real PHEW moment for me. xx


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