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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Bathroom Safety For Your Toddler

Maxwell loves having a bath, playing with his bath toys and as a result he loves splashing water over either Ben or I and over the floor at bathroom, however the bathroom can pose many risks for your toddler.
 To help prevent accidents and to keep your toddler safe consider the following tips:

Make sure that any medicines are put in a locked cupboard or out of reach of your child. Remember to place your mouthwash out of reach as it can contain more alcohol than some wine! Always ensure your cosmetics and sharp objects, eg razors, scissors, tweezers, are safely out of reach. 

Get everything ready before you bath your toddler. Make sure their towel, nappy and clothes are to hand. Never leave your toddler alone in the bath whilst you go and get things ready. A simple accident can happen in a matter of minutes.  

To help to prevent scalds, when filling the bath make sure you run the cold tap first.Before placing your child into the water make sure you take the opportunity to test the water. The water should feel warm to your skin, not hot. Once your toddler is in, teach your toddler to sit in the bath, not to stand. Your child could easily slip and fall back and knock his or her head. Make sure whilst your child is also in the bath that they do not to play with the taps to prevent scalding.. Do not rely on bath seats to totally support your toddler as some seats can tip over due to lack of suction.

Never leave your toddler alone in the bath .... ignore the ringing telephone or doorbell. Only an inch or two of water poses a risk of drowning. If you have to leave the bathroom scoop your toddler up in a towel and take them with you. If you really do need to go and do something important you could always leave your toddler in a safe place such as their cot.

Bathroom floors can become wet and slippery so teach your child not to run in the bathroom. Always empty the bath immediately after giving your toddler a bath and I always leave the toilet seat down as well. If the floor is wet soak any excess water up as this can be dangerous for others wanting to use the bathroom after your toddler has been in there.



  1. this is a great post - i am so paranoid about the bath and i follow all of the above tips already x

  2. Great post! I'll past it to my sister in law with a little girl ;)

  3. A great set of safety tips for toddlers in the bath x

  4. totally agree with having everything you need handy, C has started trying to stand up in the bath!

  5. bathroom safety is really important and these are great tips

  6. great tips, i will definitely bare them in mind for the future

  7. Great tips! Bathroom safety is so important at anytime but even more so with an inquisitive toddler! x

  8. Some great tips there! My sister was unfortunately burnt quite badly as a baby so I'm always very vary when it comes to hot water and still run the cold first now, even for myself! x

  9. Some really great tips here, you forget how many dangers there where when they are older


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