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Monday, 30 December 2013

Blogging My Way To A Free Christmas 2014

2013 was a fairly cheap Christmas for me. Most of the present I gave to people were either won, were freebies, recycled or were cheap however I still think I could have done better and got Christmas for much less. 2014 I have set my target to get everything for Christmas under £100, the £100 which I am using for Christmas 2013 was won this year (December) through a competition so the Christmas will still be costing £0 of my own money IF I manage to stay in budget.

I am staying hopeful that I will reach my target and every month I will be writing a post to update my readers on how my Free Christmas 2014 is going. I plan to:
  • Collect as many reward points as possible - Tesco, Boots or Nectar... I will be making sure I get as many points as I possibly can.
  • Use websites such as Top Cashback  - When I make purchases on the Internet, I get a  % of money back through the purchase. Nearer Christmas or through out the year I have the option to swap the Cashback into cash or vouchers for me to spend in stores such as Boots.
  • Collect as many coupons as I can for food products to enable me to get lots of snacks/food in for free.
  • Win as many items as I can which will help me get Christmas for free. This includes gifts, vouchers to buy products with and even food items.
  • Use sites such as Instagc which reward me in vouchers for doing simple tasks such as watching videos and listening to the radio. Each month I am hoping to make at least £10+.
Overall I am aiming high. I am sure through out the year I will find other websites/ways to make a few pounds which I will use for Christmas and I am hoping to keep my readers updated on this.

I have already managed to get a few bargains which include 2 DVD's for Maxwell which cost me just 50p each which were on a supermarket glitch. The DVD'S will make perfect stocking fillers. 

Wish me luck and I hope you enjoy following my journey! Here's to Christmas 2014!



  1. We can do this! Monthly update posts, yes?x

  2. Good luck helen! I know you can do this! Wish i could do the same but i just love spending money haha! xx

  3. Looking forward to seeing your posts and how you are doing. xx

  4. Love this!!! Will be checking in for your posts! Fab idea I've started too with some bargains :-)

  5. I used a lot of comp wins too for Chistmas, it gets very addictive! Our Nectar points saved all year bought all the food goodies. Not heard of Instagc - off to look now, thank you. Looking forward to hearing about how you get on over the year. Sam.

  6. This is my first year of comping to win a Christmas, my frugal Christmas just gone wasn't as frugal as I hoped, so looking forward to reading and learning :)

  7. Good Luck Hun xx I'll be trying to spend less this year too so fingers crossed for you

  8. look forward to your progress through the months

  9. Good luck will b following :) x

  10. I've already got a large storage box, which I plan to fill from free things (vouchers/wins etc) Done quite well this year, but I plan to do better next year! best of luck with this! x

  11. Oh gosh I could do with this haha! Good luck :)

  12. I also top my Tesco clubcard up when I go shopping as many people don't no you can add money to them as well as points x


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